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Why Therapy?

Everone has a different reason for starting/continuing with/returning to therapy...

  • A crisis concerning you or a loved one.  A therapist can act as a non judgmental guide through the difficult times and help calm stormy waters.  

  • Difficulty transitioning through phases of life, ie, finishing high school or college, entering the work force, starting/ending relationships, deaths or health issues, or simply getting older.

  • Specific issues of varying degrees of struggle, ie, eating and body image, reliance on medications and other substances, sexuality and relationships, struggles with children or other family members, career decisions, and other issues seemingly holding you back.

  • General dissatisfaction with life.  Social media and the overall pace of life make it easy to feel as though you are missing out on something vital that other people seem to have figured out.

  • A desire to better understand some of the unconscious motivations that perpetuate helpful and unhelpful patterns in our lives.


928 Broadway between 21st-22nd 

Suite 300


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